Monday, October 15, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin!!!


This foundation has been around forever and ever and ever.  When I say forever, I mean it's been around since I was a teenager and all this while I have been searching for the perfect foundation for my incredibly oily skin!!! 

Nowadays, it's all about illuminating foundations so a super matte foundation is hard to find.  I started to google and read reviews about foundations that work well with oily skin and this came with top reviews.  It's a pharmacy brand and in the UK only costs around £12.  It's probably even cheaper in the US but it works like no other expensive foundation has ever worked for me.  I've been using MAC Studio Fix Fluid for years together with the Studio Fix Powder and that worked well. I only had to blot a handful of times a day.  I thought for years that was as good as it was going to get, but as you can see from my excitement, I was wrong!!

So let's go through the pros and cons of this product!!

What the reviewers said:


  • It finishes matte
  • Most oily skin reviewers said they only had to blot about once in the day
  • Good coverage, buildable to a full coverage


  • Smells bad
  • Too thick
  • No pump and in a glass bottle so the contents don't come out easily

My review:


I find the smell to be quite decent.  I don't know if they reformulated the product or if i just have a high tolerance for funny smelling products.  It's more like a funny smelling perfume to me rather than the smell of plastic or chemicals like many people have said.


It is a bit thick but in order to make sure it is worked in really well into my skin, I use a kabuki brush to spread it.  If you use your fingers, it may come out looking thicker and more cakey.


It has a fuller coverage but I wouldn't say it's quite a full coverage foundation.  Imperfections are hidden for the most part and my skin looks more flawless than with MAC Studio Fix Fluid.  The finish is truly matte which is something my oily skin rarely experiences.

I highlighted my nose and cheekbones as a truly matte finish flattens the face out!!

Lasting Strength:

It does last all day.  I have very oily skin so I still have to powder/blot once a day but the oiliness on my face is no where near what it was with my other foundations.  I look more glowy but definitely not oily. 


I use Natural Tan which has a neutral undertone.  It is probably the best skin match I've ever had.  When I use MAC I will mix and NC 42 with an NC45 and use an NC43 powder over that.  I found NC42 made me look too white and NC45 too dark.  I'm not sure if NC43 is available in the liquid foundation as I've never seen it.  I also usually use Missha Perfect BB Cream in 31.  I realize now that undertone was not as good a match for my yellow undertone!! 

Revlon Colourstay Natural Tan on the left and Missha Perfect M BB Cream #31

The list below is a guide to your perfect Revlon Colorstay Foundation colour.  

Ivory: NW15/ NC15 lightest
Buff: NC20 best match for fair NCs
Sand Beige: NC20-25 somewhat neutral undertones
Nude: NC25 peachy undertones, definitely not for pinks or true golden
Natural Beige: NW20 tends to run pink
Medium Beige: NC27 between Sand Beige and Golden Beige
Fresh Beige: NW25 pinky undertones
Golden Beige: NC30 truest yellow/olive undertones
Warm Golden: NW30/NC30 somewhat neutral undertones
True Beige: NW30 pinky undertones (for Fresh Beige in summer)
Natural Tan: NC40/NC42 more neutral than golden caramel
Early Tan: NW35 somewhat peach undertones
Rich Tan: NW35 pinkish undertones
Golden Caramel: NC40/NC42 more golden than natural tan
Toast: NW43/NC45 neutral undertones
Rich Ginger: NW45 very peachy-pink
Caramel: NC45 seems to run true to color
Cappucino: NC50 slightly more peach than Caramel
Mahogany: NW50/NC55 the darkest of NWs but not extremely peachy
Mocha: NW55 very cool toned, almost grey undertone

*The colour chart was taken from the following blog:
Beauty with the beautifool

I definitely recommend this product for anyone who suffers from oily, shiny skin!!  If you feel you look too matte, do what I always recommend and use a highlighter on your cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. 

I've heard that Estee Lauder Double Wear is really good too and is the more expensive, department store version of this product.  One day, I will be trying that out too and I'll let you know.  But for now, you can't beat the price or effectiveness of Revlon's Colorstay Foundation for oily/combination skin!! 


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